Esther Hiepler

Artist Statement

Since my early video works „Cubes and Cuboids“ (1996) and  „Studio 2000“ (2000), my interest has been to examine the artistic process. Currently, I use drawing, installation, material objects, photography and writing to reflect on and record different activities that I perform in my studio. 
By exploring basic activities and conditions of the artistic process I achieve different formal results, such as a drawing, a video, an installation. Art history also offers a comprehensive background for my research. My earlier work refers to Minimal Art and Concrete Art. In my recent work, for example in „Products and Processes“ (2013),  my focus is on how material and artistic activities and attitudes transform.
My work in public spaces invites the audience to be part of this process. Since artistic work is always about exploring a new territory, my research and  observations while travelling is another important aspect of my work. As I move permanently between my artistic production and the reflection on it, boundaries between the product and the process disappear. The emerging works are testimonies of my reflection on the artistic practice itself. The aim of my work is to allow others to be a part of this process.