Studio 2000

Video Installation, DVD 30 min, stereo, 2000 (Extracts)

Various shiny colored sheets of cardboard are suspended on a wall. The camera documents, from different view angles, the production of compositions, which are created by the rehanging of the cardboard and regrouping of the accessories – a white pedestal and a little wooden stairway. The pedestal is moved with inevitable noise or climbed onto using the stairway, in order to rehang some higher placed cardboard. The composition made of colored sheets of paper and the white pedestal is perceived as an area or relief, until I enter the image room again. Proportions and space then return to consciousness and the image is modified through a new action.

Studio 2000 was created during a studio stay in the Schnitt exhibition space in Cologne. Since 2003 it has been part of the Daimler Art Collection, which specializes in classical positions of Constructivism and Concrete Art, as well as minimalist and conceptual tendencies from the 1960s to the present. The video is shown at exhibition stations of the collection worldwide.