New York Walls

Four channel video installation, Loops 5', DVD, stereo, 2000, (Documentation)

Colored walls in New York form the monochrome backgrounds in front of which passersby make their short appearance. Passing cars temporarily subdivide the image into new colored areas. The perpetual motion, just like the typical New York sound – voices, traffic, sirens – contrasts with the static image frames and the simple structure of the backgrounds.

In quiet moments, when the pedestrian or traffic flow decreases, the walls then only reflect lights or movement taking place in the distance. Picturesque moments emerge in which the wall appears as an image in the foreground, in order to again become the stage for the appearance of the passersby. New York walls runs as loop on four monitors.

The video documentation was purchased in 2010 for the collection New Media Baselland/
The video installation was shown in 2000 at the “Viper” – International Film and Video Festival, Basel.